Power cuts : Temporary good news

January 30, 2023 at 4:37 PM

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has announced that power cuts will not be imposed today (30) and tomorrow (31). 

Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Janaka Ratnayake said that the power cuts will not be imposed as the Water Management Secretariat has decided to release water from reservoirs.

He further said that this will prevent possible spilling as heavy rains are expected in catchment areas.

Ratnayake added that the water released by the Water Management Secretariat will help generate sufficient hydropower for the next couple of days. 

The decision by the Water Management Secretariat is following a request made by the PUCSL on 29th January 2023, he revealed. 

Janaka Ratanayake further said that a decision will be made on Wednesday, 01st February, on power cuts pertaining to the remaining days of the ongoing 2022 GCE Advanced Level Examinations.  

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has filed a petition with the Supreme Court against several government officials in the power sector. 

The petition has been filed against the Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the Chairman of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC), and the Secretary of the Ministry of Energy.

The HRCSL has filed a petition against the respondents for failing to abide by the recommendations on power cuts during the course of the ongoing Advanced Level Examinations.

During a recent discussion with the HRCSL, representatives of the power sector had agreed not to impose power cuts until the conclusion of the examinations on 17th February 2022.

However, power cuts were imposed in several areas in the following days, prompting the HRCSL to initiate legal action. (NewsWire)