25 killed in 265 accidents reported in 5 days

April 10, 2023 at 10:34 AM

At least 25 persons have been killed in 265 road accidents reported in the last five days, Police Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa stated. 

Speaking to the media, SSP Thalduwa said that several more persons have been injured in the accidents.

Stating that some of the deceased are children aged between 18 to 20 years, SSP Thalduwa requested parents to be mindful when their children obtain vehicle licences. 

The Police spokesman said it is a serious concern for the nation seeing such young children, some talented in various fields, passing away due to road accidents. 

Pointing out that several parents are unworried about children driving home after parties, SSP Thalduwa said only if parents are vigilant can such deaths due to road accidents can be curtailed in Sri Lanka. 

He further requested the public to be vigilant during the upcoming festive season and to ensure that their pleasantries do not end in sadness. 

The public has been requested to be extra vigilant while travelling on the road during the April festive season. (NewsWire)