Unlocking the Key to a Pain-Free Life: How Physiotherapy Defeats Arthritis and Promotes Wellness

September 5, 2023 at 12:04 PM

The theme of this year’s World Physiotherapy Day, which is celebrated on September 8 every year, is Arthritis.

Arthritis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the joints that affects a wide range of people of all ages including children, teenagers and athletes. 

#Colombo_Physiotherapy_Week, organized by the Physiotherapy Student Welfare Society, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day, will be held from September 2 to September 8 to educate the public about arthritis through various workshops, clinics, exhibitions and webinars. A series of programs are being arranged for launch.

The demonstration program, titled ‘Exercise for the Control of Arthritis,’ was a resounding success which was held on the 3rd of September from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM. at Viharamahadevi Park. Participants and physiotherapists united to showcase the transformative power of exercise in managing arthritis, turning a special occasion into a beacon of hope for a healthier, pain-free life.

The program aimed in educating the general public about how exercise can help prevent arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis [RA], psoriatic arthritis [PsA], fibromyalgia, and gout), increase public interest in exercise, and in educating the general public about common exercise mistakes. Here they (students of the Physiotherapy Students’ Welfare Society, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo) mainly focused on, a group that usually does not get the attention of the society, who are engaged in cleaning activities in connection with Viharamahadevi Park and the Municipal Council.

This unique program, conducted exclusively for our community, defied societal norms and offered an exceptional experience to all participants. It imparted valuable insights into leading a healthier life, and the profound impact it had on them was unmistakably reflected in the genuine expressions of gratitude on their faces.

Furthermore, participants received breathing exercises to manage common ailments like asthma, while complimentary blood glucose and blood pressure tests were administered.

This Program was led by our skillful Physiotherapists, Ms Tanya Wijesinghe (Physiotherapy Manager of Durdans Hospital), Mr. Nuwan C. Rodrigo (Physiotherapist at Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital), Mr. Suresh Chaturantha (Chief Physiotherapist, Central Chest Clinic) and Mr. Mahendran Rajkaran (Chief Physiotherapist for Children with Special Disabilities).

The highlight of this series, the Arthritis Physiotherapy Clinic, is set to take center stage on a significant occasion—World Physiotherapy Day, celebrated on September 8. Esteemed senior experts in Physiotherapy from the Department of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, will spearhead this event. Anticipation is building, and we are poised to exceed expectations as we unite to promote wellness and combat arthritis on this auspicious day.

On the same day, two booths on the UCFM Tower’s ground floor will highlight physiotherapy’s importance in an exhibition for disabled individuals. We extend a warm invitation to everyone to witness the profound impact of physiotherapy and discover its significance in enhancing lives.