Hilton Sri Lanka collaborates with VOICE Area Federation to Enhance Community Resilience and Combat Hunger

September 18, 2023 at 12:03 PM

For a brighter and secure Sri Lanka, fostering sustainability via community farms and kitchen programs.

Colombo, Sri Lanka  (18 September, 2023) – Hilton properties across Sri Lanka, is delighted to announce its collaboration with the VOICE Area Foundation in Sri Lanka, a distinguished non-profit organization devoted to uplifting the lives of the marginalized citizens in the country. This powerful partnership embodies Hilton’s strong commitment to making a positive difference and enriching the lives of individuals and communities, driven by its core values, including Travel with Purpose.

In harmony with Hilton’s mission to “Illuminate the world with hospitality’s light and warmth,” Hilton Sri Lanka has taken a significant step towards addressing food shortages in the country. The Hilton family has committed a grant of $100,000 to support establishing community farms and sustainable kitchen practices to empower vulnerable communities nationwide.

The joint initiative led by Hilton Sri Lanka aims to enhance the way of life, touching over 500 highly vulnerable families. Their overarching vision is to create sustainable solutions to combat hunger and bolster community resilience.

The initiative’s core objectives include establishing 500 community farms, with 267 families already provided support in establishing their setup. One hundred seventy-five economically disadvantaged families have also received essential vegetable seeds and fruit plants. Youth engagement is pivotal, with 100 young individuals establishing a chick hatchery, 10 differently-abled youth and 32 unemployed young individuals supported in setting up backyard poultry farms.

Additionally, 50 families who have differently-abled individuals have been equipped with upgraded micro irrigation systems and comprehensive record-keeping materials to enhance resource management Promoting sustainable practices is facilitated through exemplary farms, plant nurseries, seed repositories, and poultry hatcheries, actively engaging the youth.

The initiative strongly emphasizes knowledge sharing, with 50 individuals from each village participating in specialized training programs covering agriculture, livestock management, and post-harvest technology. The introduction of community kitchen programs is aimed at addressing food shortage, improving culinary expertise, fostering economic growth, and enhancing community resilience.