Empowering the Future: Radisson Kandy’s World Tourism Day Awareness Session

September 28, 2023 at 11:39 AM

As the world celebrated World Tourism Day on the 27th of September 2023, Radisson Kandy took a proactive step towards nurturing the future of tourism with a special awareness session aimed at the community. Focusing on the themes of Tourism, Green Investments, and Career Guidance, the event brought together students, educators, and professionals to impart knowledge and inspiration.

The event, hosted by Radisson Kandy, was designed to enlighten and empower the youth. The primary audience comprised 40 students from Rasindev Vidyalaya in Kandy, specifically those in Grade 9 and above. Additionally, four dedicated teachers, including the school’s principal, were present to support their students’ learning journey.

The session was graced by two notable figures who shared their valuable insights,

Mr. Sanjeewa Weerakoon, Divisional Director of the Education Department in Kandy, delivered a captivating presentation on the fundamentals of tourism and the significance of green investments. His expertise shed light on the pivotal role that sustainable practices play in preserving the natural beauty of Kandy & Mr. G.P.C. Perera, Staff Officer at the Education Office in Kandy, brought his extensive experience to the table, further enhancing the event’s educational value.

The event also welcomed two esteemed invitees who shared their expertise, Mr. Priyantha Wijesinghe, Career Guidance Officer from NAITA in Kandy, delivered a speech on career guidance, emphasizing the importance of skill development and vocational training & Mr. Rasika Rajapaksha, Inspector of Police, discussed the vital role of the Tourist Police in ensuring the safety and well-being of tourists, highlighting the importance of community development in the tourism sector.

Radisson Kandy’s World Tourism Day Awareness Session demonstrated its commitment to nurturing the future of the tourism industry by empowering young minds with knowledge and inspiration. By focusing on sustainability, career guidance, and community involvement, the event has sowed the seeds for a brighter and more responsible future in tourism, not only in Kandy but also for the broader industry in Sri Lanka.