Cross-border E-commerce, AI, and Tech for Good Dominate the 2023 South Asia E-commerce Summit

October 4, 2023 at 12:39 PM

Vaishai Gupta Founder and Chief Growth Officer, mCaffeine interacting at the South Asia Women in E-commerce Conference

How Governments Can Create Enabling Ecosystems for Entrepreneurs in E-commerce – A panel discussion held at the South Asia Women in E-commerce Conference with (from L-R) Anishka de Zylva Head of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs, Daraz Sri Lanka (Moderator), Ms. Fiza Farhan, Global Strategic Development Advisor and a Member of the UNSG’s High Level Panel on Women Empowerment, Ms. Laura Ho, Director, National Roadmap and Cross Border Rules, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Mr. Hassan Arshad, Director, Public Affairs, Communications and Legal, Foodpanda Pakistan, Ms. Shomi Kaiser, Vice-President of FBCCI and President, e-Commerce Association (e-CAB) and Ms. Abeer Qumsieh, Founder Khibraty and Chief BDO and Partner of MakanE (on the screen)


The South Asia E-commerce Summit 2023, a monumental two-day event hosted by the Daraz Group, South Asia’s leading online marketplace, witnessed an extraordinary confluence of thought leaders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Together, they explored the immense potential of e-commerce and celebrated the pivotal role of women in driving this digital revolution.

The South Asia E-commerce Summit was characterised by dynamic discussions and insightful presentations focused on accelerating e-commerce adoption and bridging digital divides in the region. Key topics included strategies for cross-border e-commerce, fostering entrepreneurship, harnessing technology for social impact, and navigating policy frameworks. Additionally, thought leaders emphasised the importance of inclusivity, sustainability, and personalised customer experiences in driving the e-commerce sector forward.

Commenting on the conclusion of the Summit, Shabana Badami, Head of Performance Solutions, South East Asia, Google mentioned, “This is the second year I have the privilege of speaking at the Women in E-commerce Summit, convened by Daraz and it was a great opportunity to discuss one of the most profound technologies humanity is working on today – artificial intelligence. There will be lots of new and exciting opportunities for women and e-commerce with AI.”

Daraz Group CEO Bjarke Mikkelsen inaugurating the Daraz South Asia E-commerce Summit

The Summit also served as a vital platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to gain essential knowledge and tools needed to excel in the dynamic realm of e-commerce. By offering comprehensive discussions and masterclasses, the event furnished invaluable insights and resources for those looking to establish a strong presence in the digital marketplace. This opportunity was particularly crucial in empowering start-ups and small enterprises to not only survive but also thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

“Empowering people with innovative fintech to level up their lives is at the heart of BigPay’s mission. We’re excited to share our experiences and insights at the South Asia E-commerce Summit, especially on how we collaborate with the airasia ecosystem. We believe deep partnerships between fintechs and customer ecosystems are pivotal in shaping the future of commerce in the region,” Zubin Rada Krishnan, CEO, BigPay.

Such events play a crucial role in propelling the growth of e-commerce in the region. The summit facilitated invaluable networking opportunities, paving the way for new partnerships and collaborations. It served as a platform for stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and chart the course for the future of e-commerce in South Asia.

“We are proud to have played a part in bringing together some of the best minds in the e-commerce industry from across South Asia. This summit has not only showcased the potential of e-commerce but also demonstrated the power of collaboration and inclusivity,” remarked Mr. Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO, Daraz Group.

The 2023 Summit was also supported by esteemed partners such as Shangri-La Colombo, and SriLankan Airlines, and media partners including Daily FT, Newswire, and EFM, and this year’s event welcomed an impressive turnout of approximately 500 in-person attendees, over two days, and provided an inclusive experience through live streaming, enabling virtual participation for a global audience.