WATCH: Tense situ in Parliament as Opp Leader’s speech disrupted by SLPP MPs

November 21, 2023 at 11:29 AM

The Parliament of Sri Lanka was adjourned for five minutes today (Nov 21) after a tense situation arose during the speech of Opposition leader MP Sajith Premadasa.

The Speaker was forced to adjourn the Parliament after several ruling party MPs had stormed towards the Opposition Leader. 

MP Premadasa had raised questions on the Supreme Court’s recent verdict on Sri Lanka’s economic crisis when a tense situation erupted in the House.

The Opposition Leader revealed that those held responsible for the economic crisis by the Supreme Court had been the reason for the foreign exchange of Sri Lanka to become depleted. 

“Why hasn’t the Attorney General been instructed to file a case against these individuals under the Offences Against Public Property Act? Will measures be taken to recover the country’s lost income from the accused former state officials? What will be the timeframe for this? And if no action is taken, what is the reason for it?” he questioned. 

The Opposition Leader’s questions led to several ruling party MPs storming towards him and disrupting his speech, after which the Speaker announced the temporary adjournment of Parliament. (NewsWire)