All things Good at The Poya Vegan Market at Mount Lavinia Hotel

January 23, 2024 at 4:10 PM

Mount Lavinia Hotel, has been at the forefront of embracing a plant-based lifestyle for over a decade – with its pioneering efforts in promoting Veganism, the hotel has become synonymous with offering a Vegan Lunch Buffet on every Poya Day. Starting from 25th January, the hotel will be elevating the vegan experience by opening a Vegan Market every Poya Day; “MLH Plant-Earth Market”. This market will showcase an array of ‘Good Market Approved’ vegan products, ensuring that visitors have access to the highest quality goods. From vegan clothing and apparel to vegan crafts and accessories, there will be something for everyone at the market.

One of the highlights of the Vegan Market will be the presence of the Vegan Drum House. This unique establishment is known for its lively atmosphere and talented musicians who create a vibrant ambiance. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rhythmic beats while perusing the market stalls and enjoying the delicious vegan food.

What makes the Vegan Market at Mount Lavinia Hotel truly special is the emphasis on sustainability and ethical living. All the vendors and products featured at the market are carefully selected to ensure that they align with these values. Whether it’s cruelty-free cosmetics, eco-friendly clothing, or plant-based food made with love, every item at the market has been chosen with care. By supporting the vendors at the Vegan Market, visitors are not only indulging in a guilt-free shopping experience but are also contributing to a more compassionate world.

Poya Day refers to the full moon day in the lunar calendar, which holds great significance in Sri Lankan culture and religion. It is a day of spiritual reflection and observance of religious customs, making it the perfect opportunity to experience a vegan feast and market that not only nourishes the body but also the soul.

In the words of Mr. Anura Dewapura (Chief Operating Officer of MLHG), “We believe in offering our customers not only what they want but also what they need. By providing a Vegan Lunch Buffet on Poya Days, we not only cater to the growing demand for vegan options but also contribute to the overall health of our customers and future generations. On the other hand, the Vegan Market is more than just a market. It is a celebration of all things good. It is a testament to the power of conscious living and the positive impact one can make by supporting ethical businesses. It is a place where people can gather, connect, and revel in the joy of living a vegan lifestyle.”

Mount Lavinia Hotel extends a warm invitation to all vegan and non-vegans to embrace this valuable experience. Whether you’re a committed vegan, an aspiring plant-based enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a unique and enjoyable experience, be sure to visit the Vegan Market at Mount Lavinia Hotel. Discover the incredible variety of vegan products, savor the delicious food, and soak in the positive energy that fills the air.

The Vegan Market will be open every Poya day from 10.00 AM to 04.00 PM and The Vegan Lunch Buffet at the Hotel’s esteemed Governor’s Restaurant begins at 12.30 PM and continues till 4.00 PM, catering to the diverse preferences of both local and foreign guests for 5,300 Nett per person with access to the pool and beach.