AIA Achieves EDGE Assess Certification, Spearheading Diversity and Inclusion in Sri Lanka’s Insurance Sector

January 29, 2024 at 2:50 PM

In a trailblazing achievement, AIA Insurance, Sri Lanka’s Most Respected Insurer (LMD and NielsenIQ, 2023), has secured the illustrious EDGE Assess certification, solidifying its commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. This certification marks AIA as the only insurer in Sri Lanka to attain this globally recognised standard. AIA’s EDGE Certification, the process of which was supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) under the IFC-DFAT Women in Work programme, helps recognise its strategic commitment to fostering equal career opportunities for women and men.

AIA’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity is underscored by notable qualitative and quantitative achievements. Historically, insurance has been a male dominated industry although this is slowly changing, and we know that women can add so much value to the industry. At AIA, there has been tangible testament to this with a proactive and persistent bridging of the gender gap through enforcing a culture of meritocracy. As such, at AIA, today, 44% of employees are women, 48% of the sales force are women and 52% among the top 100 high performers.

The implementation of inclusive policies has resulted in a remarkable increase in employee satisfaction and engagement. This in turn has contributed to AIA being listed as a Best Workplace in Sri Lanka for 11 years straight, earning the status of Great Place to Work LEGEND and being recognised as a Best Workplace for Women for 6 consecutive years, by the Great Place To Work® Institute.

This EDGE certification, which is the latest recognition of AIA’s outstanding commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity, places AIA in a league of its own within the insurance sector, in Sri Lanka. As the first and only insurer in Sri Lanka to achieve EDGE Assess certification, AIA sets a new standard for diversity and inclusion initiatives. Beyond compliance, the certification acts as a powerful magnet for top-tier talent, recognising AIA as a workplace committed to prioritizing diversity and equity. This achievement not only enhances AIA’s reputation as a socially responsible entity but also positions the company as an innovation hub, fostering creativity within its diverse and inclusive workforce.

As AIA paves the way with its EDGE Assess certification, the company encourages others in the industry to follow. The collective commitment to diversity and inclusion will contribute to a more inclusive and forward-thinking business landscape.