Excel Colombo Convention Centre: The New Powerhouse for Events in the City

February 6, 2024 at 3:06 PM


In a momentous announcement, Excel World proudly revealed the transformation of one of Colombo’s historic buildings into the Excel Colombo Convention Centre—an all-new captivating venue poised to redefine gatherings. The grand unveiling unfolded during a media conference held at the contemporary and spacious event space on the 1st of February. The dynamic event, attended by key corporate figures, event managers and Browns Group officials, showcased the dawn of a new era for this heritage building.

Spanning a sprawling 30,000 sq ft with ample parking space for hassle-free accessibility, the Excel Colombo Convention Centre stands as a testament to architectural finesse. Capable of hosting up to 1000 guests, the venue emerges as the epicenter for a diverse range of events, including conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners, indoor concerts, AGMs and trade fairs in Colombo, with unmatched food and beverage offerings. The expert team at Excel Colombo Convention Centre is dedicated to attention to detail, ensuring flawless execution from start to finish for any gathering.

“Excel Colombo Convention Centre is set to offer top-tier facilities for businesses to flourish while making a meaningful impact. In these challenging economic times, we understand the importance of mindful investments. Our commitment extends to providing value for money, reflected in our affordable menus and competitive event space rates. As we revitalise this landmark, we present a dynamic platform ready to meet the evolving needs of our discerning clientele.” said Pulinda Fernando, CEO of Excel World during the media conference.

With its vibrant mix of gaming, restaurants and entertainment options, Excel World draws a diverse and steady footfall, especially on weekends. The Convention Centre, located within this dynamic hub offers businesses an unparalleled venue to host exhibitions and conventions, showcase products, connect with clients and enhance visibility in an environment buzzing with activity.

Excel Colombo Convention Centre is part of the Browns Group, one of the largest diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka. It extends a warm invitation to businesses, corporations and event organizers to explore the possibilities within this extraordinary space, poised to elevate corporate events to new heights.