Family Connections in Current SL parliament: New Analysis

February 6, 2024 at 4:01 PM

Nearly 28% of Parliamentarians are found to have family connections (arising through birth or marriage) in the current 09th Parliament of Sri Lanka, a new survey by reveals. 

According to the survey, among the 233 MPs representing the current Parliament, 66 MPs have had at least one family connection in public office.

Thirty-four (34) are the children of current/past MPs, four (04) are children of current MPs, seven (07) are third-generation MPs, and two (02) are both children of current MPs and third-generation MPs.

Among the Parliamentarians, 16 are nephews or nieces of a former MP, 10 are siblings of a former/current MP, and 04 are spouses of a former MP.

As per the survey, 05 MPs are those whose parent/ sibling/child/spouse was a former Chief Minister and 06 are those whose parent/ sibling/child/spouse was a former member of a Provincial Council. 

The survey is conducted by, a trilingual website which profiles the actions and activities of each of the 225 Members of Parliament in Sri Lanka. (NewsWire)