SLT-MOBITEL powered ‘SLIoT Challenge 2022’ and ‘Robo Games 2022’ set to announce winners

March 16, 2023 at 9:57 PM

Development of next-generation engineers in STEM exploration

The SLT-MOBITEL powered ‘SLIoT Challenge 2022’ and ‘Robo Games 2022’ has successfully concluded its grand finales and scheduled to announce the winners of the competitions at a ceremony in March 2023.

After several exciting rounds, the finalists for both competitions have been selected. For the ‘SLIoT Challenge 2022’, under the theme ‘Sustainable Energy Consumption through IoT’ the finalists in the Undergraduate Category – Juru, Protocol Zero, Strydo Labs, The Altern Energy, Zeros and Ones, Trojans, Team Iotent, Iotic and Team Metatron have made their mark. In the Open Category, Indika, Achievers, Lotus, Upthrust and Team Valar have been chosen as the finalists. Competitors for the ‘SLIoT Challenge’ presented marketable IoT products for the new economy, especially solutions for sustainable energy consumption through cutting edge technologies.

Under the ‘IESL Robo Games 2022’ School Category Brainstorm, Ralphy Boy, Dream Epic, Kada Ozaki, Rockstar Robotics and Mavericks have been declared as the finalists, meanwhile Trix, Terminator, Dev null, Botivity and Mitsu have been nominated as the finalists of the Undergraduate Category.

The participants were provided a robot simulation software with necessary virtual hardware and programming capability. Competitors were expected to offer solutions to the given task by utilizing these tools.

The ‘SLIoT Challenge 2022’ and ‘Robo Games 2022’ competitions were powered by SLT-MOBITEL, in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Moratuwa and the Institution of Engineers of Sri Lanka (IESL). All winners will be presented attractive cash prizes and felicitated at the Awards Ceremony scheduled for March 2023.

SLT-MOBITEL, as the National ICT Solutions Provider understands the importance of empowering youth towards technological advancement and futuristic innovations. These competitions provide a timely platform towards the development of next-generation engineers in STEM exploration.