Moose Clothing Company enters Singaporean Market in partnership with Mustafa Center

May 8, 2023 at 12:48 PM

Moose Clothing Company has made yet another commendable move to expand the global footprint of the brand through their latest partnership with the well-known retail giant – Mustafa Center in Singapore.

Mustafa Center is an iconic landmark in Little India, Singapore, and a favourite place of many tourists. The shopping centre offers a 24-hour market-style shopping experience. Known for offering high quality, stylish and trendy clothing at affordable prices, Moose Clothing Company through the establishment of Mustafa Center will be able to meet the diverse consumer base in the competitive Singaporean market. 

Moose Clothing Company is currently in discussion with Mustafa Center to develop and establish a long-term partnership as it will prove to be an effective approach for growing the brand and increasing market share.

Hasib Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Moose Clothing Company stated, “We are truly excited about this partnership. As a locally established brand, we are confident that we can develop a strong brand identity in Singapore. We believe that the well-established reputation and recognition of Mustafa Center will no doubt make this task easier for us.”

The Mustafa Center is a well-known shopping destination for locals and tourists alike, making it an ideal partner for Moose Clothing Company to gain visibility and attract new customers.

Established in 2018, Moose Clothing Company is a popular brand in Sri Lanka especially among youth and a partner of Sri Lanka cricket. As a brand resulting from the expertise of 50 years in the apparel industry, the brand passionately works towards crafting quality clothing that is evolving through innovation to resonate with the lifestyle of the wearer making them feel their best at all times.