Riyadh’s Salmani style luxurious hub ‘Via Riyadh’ finally opens.

May 21, 2023 at 5:48 PM

by- Khalid Rizwan

On May 11, the Saudi capital city of Riyadh unveiled ‘Via Riyadh,’ one of its most luxury tourism and recreational destinations.

The Salmani architectural style, which combines modernity and elegance, distinguishes the area, and reflects the Kingdom’s unique tradition. The opening of the most premium entertainment destination in Saudi Arabia’s capital city will be a watershed moment in the Kingdom’s extraordinary journey in the entertainment sector for 2023.

It is constructed with a blend of traditional and modern architecture in the Salmani style, which is based on HRH King Salman’s six key values: authenticity, human-centricity, livability, continuity, innovation, and sustainability. As Saudi Arabia strives toward a more sustainable future as part of Vision 2030, as described by Crown Prince and Prime Minister HRH Mohammed bin Salman, there is a focus on green areas.

A St. Regis hotel, as well as shops, upscale eateries, movie theaters, and a live performance venue, are located in the special zone. The destination, which was built in 20 months, is close to the Diplomatic Quarter.

The magnificent architecture, which was constructed in the opulent Salmani style and in remarkable harmony with the identity of Riyadh, stands out in terms of spaces for comfort and recreation, as well as aesthetic landmarks that appear in artistic forms and provide a pleasing vision. Via Riyadh is characterized by high-end designs in all its characteristics and features.

The project includes upscale movie theaters that capitalize on the area’s distinctiveness, such as the Tuwaiq Hall, which has ground seating and traditional architecture influenced by the original Najdi structure. The upscale ManuH Cigar Lounge, the upscale Via Mercato food store, and a number of high-end international restaurants and cafes, including two-Michelin-starred eateries like Jim Khanna and Spago by renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, as well as eateries with preferences in their dishes and sessions, can be found along Via Riyadh.

With personal shoppers and elegant specialists present, the Via Riyadh area offers a perfect and integrated shopping experience from luxury brands in the fashion and jewelry industries. Additionally, it consists of art retailers including Richard Orlinski, Artfeena, and Phoenix Ancient Art. And Via Riyadh has the Indulge in Luxury fashion services center and the “Seven” gallery for notable antique cars.

Khalid Albaker, CEO of Quality of Life (QoL) Program Center, highlighted the importance of qualitative projects that enhance the standard of life in Saudi Arabia. Via Riyadh is one of the distinguished projects in the Kingdom’s capital, with the support of the General Entertainment Authority and the Saudi leadership. QoL program is one of the vision 2030 programs aimed to improve individuals and families’ quality of life.

Albaker said Via Riyadh, featuring Salmani style designs, international restaurants and cafes, luxurious cinemas, and hospitality and shopping services, offers a new level of luxury that enhances the attractiveness of the capital and the diversity of its options. This project is only the beginning of larger initiatives to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.