Sajith says 11 of his questions unanswered by Govt, including state bank loan write-off

January 24, 2024 at 2:58 PM

Opposition Leader MP Sajith Premadasa has slammed the Parliament proceedings, accusing the government of attempting to end the Parliamentary term without responding to his questions.

Addressing the Parliament today, MP Premadasa revealed that the government has failed to respond to 11 questions that he raised. 

MP Premadasa questioned why the names of the 10 businessmen and businesses, the major loan takers of two state banks, are being concealed, adding that his question has not been answered today as well.

“We have received information that the Parliament will be prorogued tomorrow or the day after. Almost 11 questions that I have raised have not been answered yet. Do I have to ask the same questions when Parliament convenes again?” the Opposition Leader questioned. (NewsWire)