A law student flying the flag to India in E-Business

April 2, 2024 at 12:07 PM

Can an individual make a mark in so many fields??

Yes, this Muhammad Asfar is the one who put an end to such a question, who has been a pioneer for many, who has crossed many hurdles, and who has traveled till date.

Knowledge and skills are not the same for everyone. Yet a young achiever who has made a mark for himself.

He founded the UPBRIGHT company at a young age (20 years old) and has been its top CEO to date. In recognition of this, being the first young CEO of Sri Lanka to be interviewed on the program “Ethir Neechal” on Behindwoods Media, which is very popular in India, is a huge success for UPBRIGHT.

Mohammad Asfar was born into a very ordinary family without any kind of background. He has been educated in an ordinary school in his native place, Oddamavadi, from primary education to the ordinary level. Later, he chose a school in Maruthamunai for higher education and continued his education there.

Although he did not get any super high A passes in ordinary level (O/L) in his advanced level, due to his hard work, he got 36th rank in information technology (ICT) district wise in the high level examination, and he is also known for Uva Wellassa University.That is, he started a business for himself under the name UPBRIGHT on August 25, 2020, as he continued his university education. After that, without putting an end to his academic career, he chose law as the next step and studied law (LLB) at a UK university. Asfar also experienced an economic crisis during his university years. So that other students do not face the same problem, he conducts many seminars for free at more than three government universities through his company, UPBRIGHT. And through this seminar, he provides free knowledge about how to get a job for himself while studying and get professional experience for the students before graduation. The great thing about this is that the majority of people who can be scammed online are university students!  Considering that in that seminar he is also explaining it in detail so that those students get complete knowledge about how SCAM is done online for free,  Also, all these seminars have been uploaded as videos on UPBRIGHT’s YouTube page, so it is UPBRIGHT‘s and Asfar’s aim that everyone can benefit from this seminar.

In the beginning, his company UPBRIGHT had only 10 students, but now its students have crossed 4000+, and after Sri Lanka, it has touched countries like the USA, India, and Georgia. This is not only a great achievement.

An interesting note is the phrase “Everything Starts From Zero” written on the first page of the training booklet when Asfar was studying at a higher level.  That became the slogan of the company. His company, UPBRIGHT, has also received a five-star rating on Google, is seen as the best online education branch, and is also found to be an online search alternative for students.

He is also providing education-based software for many students at a lower price than the official price through UPBRIGHT. (windows,canva,grammarly,quillbolt, and more (ubkeys.com))

He has never failed in his continuous efforts. It is also certain that he will make a mark in many fields. Sri Lanka’s first young CEO to be interviewed in the backwoods of his company’s phenomenal growth.